How often are restocks?

Pottery is restocked every 3-6 weeks. Restocks are announced on Instagram and on the website!

How do I know what will be featured in the next restock?

You can follow along on Instagram, where you will see behind the scenes production content of the items being made. The week leading up to the restock, more photos and previews are released! Be sure to check our Instagram stories the day before and day of the restock. Here you will find a preview of each individual item. 

What time zone do restocks happen?

Eastern Standard Time. The exact time is posted on Instagram and on our website! Be sure to take time zones into consideration if you plan to participate in a restock.

Any tips for getting Stone and Wave pottery?

We are very blessed to have such a supportive community! Restocks do sell out rather quickly. Here are some helpful tips if you'd like to participate!

  1. Set an alarm! (double check time zones)
  2. Make an account to speed up the checkout process. 
  3. Have an idea of which piece you'd like best ahead of time.
  4. Be ready to go at the restock time! 
  5. Remember, we make pottery all the time! So if you miss out on something at this restock, there is always more! 




I completed my order, but I need to make a change to my shipping address! Now what?

Please contact us right away and we are happy to make any address adjustments! We kindly ask that you refrain from messaging address changes via Instagram! 

My item arrived to me broken! What do I do? 

Accidents happen! Please contact us within one week with your order number and picture of damaged goods. We want your piece to be perfect!

Do you take custom orders or preorders? 

We do not currently take custom orders or preorders! Restocks are the way we feel we can serve our community best!

Do you take Paypal?

At this time, we do not. We take all major credit cards and Apple Pay. 





How much is shipping?

Shipping is always free!!

Do you ship Internationally?

Currently, we ship to US Only. Thank you for your understanding!



Pottery Care


Can I put my Stone and Wave piece in the microwave and dishwasher? 

Your handmade Stone and Wave piece is microwave and dishwasher safe! However, to increase the longevity of your piece, we recommend hand washing. This will ensure it's safety and care for years to come!